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Import Format

You can import sessions using the file format described here.

File Format

The file format we support is a standard .csv file. The easiest way to make this file is to enter the data in Excel, set all cells to Text format, and then save as .csv


The first row in the file should have these column names:


The data for the following rows will be described below.


After the headers, each remaining row represents a session. Here are the formats for each column:

startA date/time string in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM+TZ For example, an EDT time: 2013-08-25 18:10-0400
endA date/time string in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM+TZ For example, an EDT time: 2013-08-25 18:10-0400
locationThe full name of the location. For example, MGM Las Vegas
small_betThe small blind or small bet for the game. For example, 1 or 0.25
big_betThe big blind or big bet for the game. For example, 2 or 0.50
structureStructure description. For example, No Limit
gameGame description. For example, Hold 'em
buy_inThe total session buy in in dollars. For example, 1000.00
cash_outThe total session cash out in dollars. For example, 850.00
noteA note for the session. For example, Tony was on tilt
breaks_numThe number of breaks you took during the session. For example, 3
breaks_lengthThe total break time during the session in milliseconds (multiply minutes by 60,000). For example, 960000
rakeFor tournaments, the total rake fee. For example, 50.00
playersFor tournaments, the total number of players, if not a tournament, 0
placeFor tournaments, your payout rank. For example, if you were in 9th place, 9
is_tournament1 if it is a tournament, else 0

To accurately import the data, it's important for all games played at the same location to have exactly the same location name, with no preceeding or trailing spaces. The same is true for structure, game, small_bet, and big_bet.

Here is a sample file I have uploaded that imports correctly. Download Sample File

If you have previously imported old historic data and would like to add break information to those sessions, follow these steps:

  1. Export data in Poker History+
  2. Edit the exported CSV file in /sdcard/data/PokerHistoryPlus/ folder of your device to include the break data
  3. Export data in Poker History+ again just to be safe
  4. Wipe and Reset All Data in Poker History+
  5. Import new merged CSV file